Best Electric Showers in UK: Choose the Superior

If you are looking for the best electric showers then check our detailed review. Our top-picked UK shower and bathroom brands have the latest power and water technology (Sensi-Flo) that also reduces the limescale, provides high pressure, eco friendly, and best thermostatic controls for perfect temperature along with easy installation. Moreover, these showers are also compatible with combi boilers and help in water saving as well. Check out the latest 2022 review of the most powerful showers below.

Here are the 10 Best Electric Showers 2022

1. The Best Electric Shower 2022: Mira Sport Ma

Best Electric Shower 2022

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The Mira Sport Max is a high-quality electric shower by a popular and reputable brand. In the rectangular unit of the shower, the heating unit has several buttons for controlling the flow of the water system and reducing energy bills by using the eco mode. The shower has a chrome plating that gives it a shiny and modern look. It has also an soap tray mounted on rails.

This Mira Sport electric shower has a high power rating of 10.8 kW, which heats the water coming down the pipes at a fast speed. It heats the water within minutes without making you wait and has a higher flow rate. The shower has a long riser rail for supporting different heights for the showerhead. The shower head can easily be detached when kids want to use it.

Mira Showers

The build up of limescale is a major problem when it comes to electric showers. The heating rod installed in this Mira showers system makes use of the ClearScale technology that is anti limescale technology. In this way, the lifespan of the shower is increased. Its Sensi-flo technology also provides the safety from scalding.



The Sport Max uses AirBoost technology for providing high water pressure. When AirBoost is turned on, the water sprays from the big nozzles of the shower head at a fast pace for providing you maximum hot water. The Mira Sport Max is a brilliant shower that has extremely useful eco mode features for saving energy and offers several shower head spray setting patterns for increased water pressure.

2. Powerful Electric Shower 2022: Triton MOSV07SG Seville

Powerful Electric Shower 2021

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The Triton MOSV07SG Seville is a simple shower that is easy to fit and comes at a very affordable price. The shower has a minimalist design that consists of a white plastic body with fewer control buttons, making it easy to operate. Triton Seville has a power level of 7.5 kw, which is quite decent for a budget shower.

The Triton Seville offers several points for installing electric cable and water inlet pipes, which means that you can easily install it in place of your previous shower. As a result, you won’t have to spend on the installation cost and it’s a great choice for budget lovers. Triton Seville offers a temperature dial for controlling the temperature of the heating element in the device. The spray of the shower head has good water pressure when you need hot water in abundance.

The Triton Seville has a chrome-plated hose that can stretch to a large distance for easy access. The round-shaped shower head has a decent size and offers five different spray settings for bigger or small water streams. And you can select the one based on your preference. This Triton Seville shower has a 2-year guarantee, which makes it one of the best electric showers and fulfills all shower needs.



The Seville electric shower has three settings for water, which can be used depending on the weather in your region. The heating device has a medium size, so it won’t occupy too much space on the bathroom wall. Triton MOSV07SG Seville is an affordable and efficient shower that is worth considering.

3. Best Shower To Buy in 2022: Bristan BL3105 B

Best Shower To Buy in 2021

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The Bristan BL3105 Bliss is a high-end electric shower for people looking to spend a little more on their shower system. It has a stylish and elegant design that catches your eye. The heating unit is enclosed in a shiny black metal box that has a touchscreen for showing the water temperature. The riser rail is highly useful for adjusting the height of the showerhead.

There are a few buttons on the black panel for heat setting to set the temperature of the water along with touch controls. These are within reach of your fingers. It has an easy installation process and has several entry points for the water pipe and cables. The flat panel of the Bristan Bliss makes it quite easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth.

Bristan Bliss has high water pressure, which makes showering quick, especially if you are always running late for work in the morning. The digital display of the shower saves you from the trouble of always guessing the water temperature. The large shower head offers a rain spray pattern that produces a good amount of water flow rate.



The riser rail, shower head, and the handset of the electric shower are all chrome plated to enhance its durability. It is easy to clean, and the quality material used in the shower unit makes it long-lasting. The Bristan BL3105 delivers fantastic flow of water and uses a digital panel for easily controlling the temperature of the heating.

4. High-Pressure Electric Shower: Aqualisa Quartz

High-Pressure Electric Shower

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The Aqualisa Quartz is an advanced shower that is quite minimalistic in its design and offers a generous supply of hot water. It is sleek and stylish, and the heating unit is available in several paint finishes. You can opt for a plain white, chrome, or a shiny graphite coating for achieving amazing appeal.

In terms of operation, the shower offers a single power button and a rotating dial for controlling the water temperature. If rotated towards the right side, you get hot water running down the spray, whereas for cold water, it should be rotated towards the left. These simple instructions are displayed on the dial, which makes it super easy to use.

For safety measures, the shower provides a highly useful temperature stability safety feature in which if the temperature exceeds 45 degrees, it will automatically return to a moderate temperature. This is quite helpful as you may select a high temperature without realizing the danger. This intelligent decision making feature makes it one of the best electric showers for best shower experience.



It has a massive showerhead that has several spray options for offering a large variety. The riser rod has a bracket for keeping the shower head at a certain height. When the shower is turned off, it releases cold water that’s passes through the heating rod, enhancing its durability. The Aqualisa Quartz is a durable shower with amazing features, which makes it worth buying.

5. Best Triton Shower: Triton Martinique

Best Triton Shower

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The Triton Martinique delivers a fast jet of hot water from its quality showerhead and has amazing features. The white unit of the shower has rounded corners and medium size, so it does not occupy too much space. On the unit, there is a dial that can be rotated for changing the temperature. And several push buttons for selecting the preferred water run.

The riser rails and the hose of the shower are plated with chrome to give it a modern finish for matching your bathroom decor. The shower head supports five types of spray patterns for distinct water streams. The large nozzles of the shower head have a rubber layer to protect it from limescale buildup. It offers easy installation due to the different water entry points for the main water feed.

It comes in both 9.5kW and 10.5kW power levels, respectively, to give more options for people looking for a powerful shower. Both units can heat a great amount of water in less time. So depending on your budget, you can opt for either of the two units for a better showering experience.



The electric shower has a useful phased shutdown feature, which makes cold water through the heating element to avoid limescale buildup in hard water area. It is due to this feature that the life of the shower is prolonged. It can heat up to 8 liters of water in a minute, making it quite fast. The Triton has a brilliant heating ability and offers easy operation.

6. Stylish Electric Shower: Triton Kito

Stylish Electric Shower

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Another unit from the makers of Triton showers that is Triton Kito. It is well known for its outstanding durability and quality performance. It has a very stylish and sophisticated design that looks amazing. Both the heating unit and the shower hose have a shiny chrome finish that gives the entire thing a stunning look. This shower kit is also quite affordable for people looking for something inexpensive yet highly useful.

It is easy to use because of the presence of the intuitive buttons on the rectangular unit. There is a huge and round shaped power button which is a push button for turning the shower on and off. The chrome surface of the unit can be easily cleaned with the help of a cloth. It offers a guarantee for two years so you can get it fixed if there is a fault in the unit.

The riser rod is composed of hard steel to avoid breakage. It also has a glass soap dish at the bottom for easy access to cleaning products. The hose of the shower head is 1.5m long, which is quite useful for giving kids or pets a shower. The hose is of premium quality, and it does not twist in irregular directions, which is a huge problem in some showers.



The dial given at the center of the shower unit is for temperature controls and is easy to use. It has arrows on the sides for letting you know which way to rotate the dial for temperature changes. The Triton Kito is a stylish and compact electric shower that also offers a 2-year guarantee. So you should definitely give this one a try.

7. Best 8.5kW Electric Shower: Gainsborough Electric Shower

Best 8.5kW Electric Shower

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The Gainsborough shower offers a constant warm flow of water for showering during the winters or the summers. This shower kit has a compact and simple unit with a single dial and a power button. You can install it in place of the previous shower area on the bathroom wall. The heating unit is white, whereas the hose and riser rod has a chrome plating for added durability.

The dial has two labels above it; the hot and cold for offering guidance on which direction to rotate it towards. This makes it quite easy to use. It has fewer options, so you dont need a comprehensive instruction guide for operating the shower.

The showerhead sprays a generous amount of water through its medium-sized nozzles. It is flat and compact, making it light to hold. The bracks installed in the riser rails allows you to place the showerhead in it when done showering. The rail is made of top quality material and does not offer any resistance when sliding the shower head holder on it.



The showerhead has three specific spray patterns for increased water pressure. The nozzles on the shower head spray water with high pressure for quality performance. It has a power of 8.5kW for heating water at a fast pace and releasing it through the nozzles. The Gainsborough is an affordable best electric shower that offers a generous warm water flow rate.

8. Thermostatic Electric Shower: Mira Azora

Thermostatic Electric Shower

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Mira showers has really amazing durability and that’s why we have another shower unit from Mira showers that is Mira Azora and it is another high-end shower that has a premium build material, which makes it long-lasting. It has a top-quality design that consists of a sturdy glass panel at the front. This panel has all the controls and push buttons for operating the shower. The large rectangular unit has holes at the back for indicating where to drill holes in the wall.

With the help of the control dials, you can set the temperature and pressure level of water. Once the temperature and the water flow is selected, the heating remains stable and does not fluctuate by itself. This is a highly essential quality of this shower in terms of safety measures.

The showerhead has a chrome finish that looks quite sophisticated. It has several spray nozzles for offering different kinds of spray patterns for a good bathing experience. The height of the showerhead can be easily adjusted by sliding the bracket on the steel rail.



The quality build of the shower makes it highly durable. You won’t feel the need to replace it anytime soon. This is a powerful electric shower for providing a continuous supply of heated water due to its high power range of 9.8kW. It comes under the expensive showers, but that is a given if you want it to last for years. The Mira Azora shower stands out from the rest of the units not only due to its stylish build but also due to its superior functionality.

9. Electric Rain Shower: Bristan Glee 3 GLE3105

Electric Rain Shower

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The Bristan Glee 3 is a compact shower that shows the temperature of the water on its front-facing panel, which is quite useful. It offers water entry points from all sides of the unit so you can smoothly install it in place of the previous shower. The unit is composed of solid ABS plastic so that it lasts longer.

There is a digital display at the top showing the temperature. So with the display, you don’t have to guess about how high the temperature is. Just below the digital display, there is a huge power button for turning on or off the shower. This shower is quite simple to use.

The first dial on the shower unit has three power settings for hot, cold, and economy. The medium power setting warms up the water at a moderate temperature to save energy. The second dial just below the power setting is used for increasing or decreasing the temperature.



The best thing about this shower is the warm-up mode. When this mode is turned on, it warms up water at the temperature you set. The LED temperature indicator light turns on when the desired temperature is reached, and so you don’t have to stand under a cold water supply. The Bristan Glee 3 has so many useful features that makes it worth buying.

10. Modern Electric Shower: REDRING Pure

Modern Electric Shower

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The Redring Pure is another affordable and compact best electric shower for people looking for something budget-friendly and medium-sized. It has a white plastic box that consists of the heating unit. The shower has a neat and simple design that may appeal to a lot of users.

The unit has simple to use controls that don’t require you to read up a manual for operating it. There are two dials and an on/ off button on the unit of the shower. One of the dials controls the temperature while the other controls the power levels. You won’t find any trouble using the controls.

There is a removable section at the bottom right of the unit for the installation of cables and water pipes. It allows for quick and easy installation. The slider rail of the shower is long enough to achieve efficient height adjustment for the showerhead. The shower offers a two years guarantee, which is highly essential in a budget shower.



The 8.5kW power range of the shower allows for good water pressure for an affordable best electric shower. The showerhead offers several spray patterns for a better shower experience, and it is also quite light to hold. The Redring Pure must be considered if you are looking for an affordable yet reliable shower.

Buying Guide For Electric Showers

Electric showers have become a major necessity if you want a constant supply of heated water. In this detailed guide, we have explained what showers are and the things you should consider for buying the best electric shower. It will answer all your questions regarding these shower models. So if your new bathroom needs the top shower brand then this guide is for you.

Why Should You Buy An Electric Shower?

Electric showers hold great value to people who need an immediate supply of warm water, especially if they live in colder regions. So how do electric showers actually work? An electric shower consists of a heating element that heats up the cold mains water supply coming from the mains water pressure and flows it through the shower spray head. So that’s how you get a hot shower everyday.

With the help of heating elements it instantly heats up water feed and flows it. So you don’t have to install a whole combi boiler system in your house, which can save you a lot of money. Also, if your boiler breaks, then you have to spend a lot of money to repair it. Although they are easier to install, you would still need to get a professional for the cables and water pipe installation. It also combines the hold and cold water supplies.

Things To Look For In An Electric Shower

Now that you have decided to buy a new shower, you must consider certain things to buy the best one on the market. Electric showers have more or less the same basic elements, but some are more durable than others and offer useful extra features. Explained down below are the important aspects to consider about electric showers.

Power Ratings

Power ratings generally range from 7.5kW to 10.5kW. It determines how efficient and consistent the warm water will be. And the greater the power range, the better will be the water consistency. The 8.5kW electric shower can heat up to 8 liters of water per minute, which is pretty fast. So if you go for higher power ratings, you will get higher flow rates with instant hot shower and even better performance.

Generally, showers with a power range of 8.5 are considered budget-friendly and offer decent water pressure but can be inconsistent sometimes. Moreover, you may experience temperature fluctuation in these units.

On the other hand, an shower with a power range greater than 8.5kW will have a consistent flow of warm water. These will cost you more but will last for a long time. The good thing about these high power showers is that once you set the temperature, it stays stable and does not overheat the water.

Build Quality And Installation

The budget electrified showers have more or less the same design, which consists of an start stop button and dial for setting the temperature. Some of these have a chrome finish while others have a plastic finish. Showers that have simple and fewer controls are quite easy to use.

Some units have a digital temperature display along with touch controls which shows the temperature currently being selected. This is a useful feature to have, so you know exactly how high or low the temperature is. It is also quite useful in terms of safety measures.

Looks are a personal preference but in terms of installation, make sure that the shower unit has several water entry points for connections of electric cable and mains supply. This will make installation easy, and there will be less labor on the plumbing system and electrician’s part. It will cut down on installation expenses as well.

Limescale Build Up

Limescale is the chalk-like substance that builds on top of metal surfaces when heated water passes over it due to hard water. The heating rod is prone to build up of limescale over time due to impurities in hard water, which reduces the lifespan of these showers. Some brands claim to use innovative technologies to lessen the amount of limescale buildup.

Therefore, the lifespan of the shower is enhanced to a certain degree. So try to look for such power showers which produce less limescale so that they can last longer. It will benefit you more in the long run. It also depends on your water usage.

Shower Brands

There are so many brands in the UK which are manufacturing electrified showers. Some are unheard of, whereas some are quite popular such as Mira, Triton, Bristan, etc. Always go for a trusted brand even if you are buying a in-budget new shower.

These brands usually offer more than one year guarantee, which is highly appreciable.

So even if your power shower stops working for some reason, you can still get it fixed. And these brands make use of durable materials for better efficiency and performance.

Phased ShutDown

Another way to prolong the life of the shower is to have the phased shutdown feature. Some showers consist of this highly useful feature to avoid limescale production especially if you live in hard water area. When you are done with your shower, and you turn it off, it will run for a few seconds and release cold water. So in this way, the lifespan of the heating element is increased.

Temperature Cutoff

This is an important feature that is found in most quality showers. The purpose of this feature is to ensure your safety from overheated water. If you have set the temperature to a dangerously high level, it will detect the rise of the temperature and stabilize it to a bearable level. Some high-end showers also come with audio alerts when temperature goes out of the limit.

Spray Patterns And Height Adjustment

The nozzles in the showerhead are placed in such a way that allows for distinct spray patterns. Some shower heads offer a maximum of 5 spray patterns, while others offer three at least. The spray patterns allow for a better showering experience. The more the spray patterns, the better will be the water flow rate. The nozzles of the showerhead are usually covered with a layer of rubber. This makes the showerhead easy to clean.

All the electrified showers come with slider rails that consist of brackets for adjusting the height of the showerhead. The slider rail should be made of quality materials so you can smoothly slide and position the movable shower head on it. Some rails even have brackets that can be used as soap dish, which is quite handy and useful.

What is the most powerful electric shower?

The Mira Sport Max is the most powerful electric shower as it has a power rating of 10.5kW.

Is a higher kW shower better?

Yes, because an electric shower with a higher power rating (kW) produces a fast and consistent flow of warm water.

Are electric power showers any good?

Electric showers provide an instant flow of hot water without having to store it in water tank.

How long does an electric shower last?

Most power showers offer a two years guarantee and can last for more than four years if maintained properly.

What is the lowest kW shower?

The lowest kW shower has a power rating of 7.5kW, which takes longer to reach a certain temperature and provides a low pressure.

What are mixer Showers?

As the name refers that mixer shower is designed to mix hot and cold water to provide moderate bathing water. These showers used the combi boilers to run. Mixer showers tend to give a better flow rate than electric showers. Moreover, mixer showers take the water from the household water systems, and electric showers use the direct cold water from tabs to provide warm water.

Safety First: However using an electric shower is very convenient yet you need to be careful while using it. Make sure you have the all safety features set on before you use it. Always use a circuit breaker, set the right temperature settings, check all the inlet connecters, water feeds, keep power tools in your tool kit, keep an eye on temperature indicator and use proper wiring and piping.

Wrap Up

Electric showers are quite useful for people living in colder places as they heat up water instantly without making you wait. There is a wide variety of electric showers available on the market, and each brand is experimenting with technologies for making the most durable shower. Some of our top recommendations amongst the best electric showers reviewed in this article are given down below.

All of our top recommendations are backed by trusted brands that focus on durability and efficiency. You should check these out, and now you can say goodbye to the inconsistent boiler showering systems.