Electric shower leaking, when turned off, is a very common problem. Although, it is very hard to notice that your shower head is leaking when it turns off because of the remaining water in it after the use.

But if you are facing this leaking problem then there is some reason that is causing this malfunction.

We will discuss all issues along with their solutions in this article.

So what is causing to Electric Shower Leaking When Turned Off?

There could be different reasons that are creating this problem. So we will diagnose each of the issues and then guide you about how to fix that. And water leakage can happen in any shower even Best Electric Shower 2021 as well.

The reasons could be the following:

  • Faulty Faucet
  • Clogged Shower Head
  • Damaged Washers and Seals

Let’s find out each of the problems one by one and then fix it.

Faulty Faucet

The showerhead is sealed with a rubber O-ring to prevent any water leakages. But over time, these seals get damaged or worn, and then water starts to drip out from the showerhead.
If you are struggling with this issue then it’s time to replace a faucet valve rubber ring or sealing.

Clogged Shower Head

A clogged shower head is another reason for your leaking shower. Due to long term use of the shower, some timescales clogged in the holes of the shower. And you will also face a low-pressure flow of water due to the clogged nozzles. So if this is your case then you have to clean your showerhead.

  • Turn the main supply of the water off and then open the showerhead
  • Now check for the lime scales that could be clogged in the tiny nozzles of the shower
  • If there are white clogged traces then you need to wash it, but it won’t get clear so easily. You have to use a vinegar solution and then soak the head in it for a while (At least 5 hours)
  • Now wash the head with hot water and clear all leftovers of lime scales

Damaged Washers and Seals

As we mentioned above that a worn washer seal can be a cause of water dripping so you need to replace it. Unscrew the head of the shower and find a worn seal. Then install the new rubber sealing and close it.
Now your shower should be work fine without any dripping and leaking.


Fixing an Electric shower leaking when turned off is not so tricky. However, with the help of a little guide, you can fix it on your own. If you are still facing a leaking problem then it’s time to call and plumber.