Why does my Electric Shower Not Getting Hot?

by Ailsa | Last Updated: June 4, 2020

In the middle of the bath, it is a very frustrating situation when your electric shower not getting hot. That’s why we are going to help you out with this inconvenience.

An electric shower is an electrical appliance that heats up the water for relaxed bathing. And when it starts to flow the cold water then this comfort vanishes away.

So if your shower is streaming cold water rather than hot then check our guide to fix it.

There are some possible reasons due to that your shower is not working. So let’s find your reason below.

Fix the Electric Shower that is not getting Hot

First of all, never try to get in contact with electricity and water when you are not an expert. Dealing with water and electricity can be lethal.
The main reason for a shower that is not getting hot is a safety cut out function.

When water gets too hot in the shower then this safety cut out system starts and turns off the shower to maintain the heating level to prevent scalding.
But due to some reasons, this system remains on even when water is cold and that’s why you get cold water in your shower.

To fix this, call an electrician and ask him to fix your problem. It will cost you around 100 pounds.

Is your Electric Shower Won’t Turn On?

The very first thing you need to check when your electric shower won’t turn on is the power supply to your shower. You may also face a tripping problem when you turn on your shower. This could be due to water leakage in the wiring of your showering unit.

To fix this, ask an electrician immediately as it could be lethal.

Electric Shower, not Working, No Light

If your shower is not indicting any power light or not working at all then there is a problem with your power supply or shower unit.

Most of the time it is a problem of a burned fuse inside of a shower unit. You can open the unit and check if there is any mark of burning and then check the fuse with a voltmeter.

If this is a problem with fuse then replace it and if your shower is still not working then call an expert.


So these are some common reasons for electric shower not getting hot. And if you can fix these problems with our guide then it’s great otherwise you should call an expert to fix these issues.