How to Make Electric Shower more Powerful?

by Ailsa | Last Updated: June 4, 2020

So you are facing a low-pressure electric shower problem? And you are looking for how to make the electric shower more powerful? Then you can solve your problem.

Bathing in slow sprinkling water can be irritating especially when you are getting late for your work. So if you want to get rid of this issue then you have to make your shower more powerful. Don’t know how? Don’t worry that’s why I am writing this guide for you.

What affecting the Electric Shower for Low Pressure?

Make Electric Shower more Powerful
Make Electric Shower more Powerful

Before we talk about how to make a shower powerful, let’s first find out why a shower is running on low water pressure?
There could be many reasons for low water pressure in an electric shower. But two problems are very common that is below.

  1. A Blocked Shower Head
  2. Low Mains Water Pressure

Let’s figure out both problems and then we will find out the solution for it.
Remove Clogs for High-Pressure Shower Head

Often time. When you use a shower for a longer time, you may face a blocked nozzles shower head. And this is a big cause for a low-pressure shower.

What happens is, due to persistent usage, the head of the shower becomes clogged with chalky lime scales. To power up the pressure again, you have to wash the head from inside.

Open the head and then soak it in the vinegar for at least 5 to 6 hours. Then wash the head with high-pressure water to remove every particle of limescale.

Power-Up the Mains Pressure

No matter how much powerful electric shower you have if your mains water supply is low, you will get a low-pressure bath. So always check the mains water entry and make sure that you have a good pressure of water from the mains.

Use Pumped Electric Power Shower

If your mains water supply is low then you have to use a pumped electric shower that has a build-in bump to boost the shower pressure.
It’s an easy way to make a shower more powerful. In this electric power shower, a pump is used to maintain a high-pressure flow of water even when mains is low.

Final Thoughts

You can make any electric shower more powerful with the help of our guides and there is also an option for you to buy a pumped electric power shower to increase the pressure.