How to fit an Electric Shower? – Complete Installation Guide

by Ailsa | Last Updated: June 3, 2020

After buying an electric shower the next step is usually the installation of the product. So if you are looking for a guide for How to fit an Electric Shower? you are in the right place.

Before we start the guide we want to suggest the review of the best electric shower if you haven’t bought your unit yet.

Installation & Fitting of an Electric Shower


Before you install your electric shower one thing keep in mind that if you are not an expert then you should ask a plumber to do it.

Because your unit needs to connect with an electricity source and if you mistakenly fit it wrong then the result could be dangerous.

We recommend you ask for the help of an expert in this matter
However, if you are replacing your old shower with a new one with the same fittings and drill holes then you can do it easily.

And, if you are replacing a higher wattage new shower with the old lower wattage then you should call an engineer or electrician to do so. Because due to higher wattage you may need to replace your wires too.

Steps of Fit an Electric Shower Process

Before fitting the shower, you have to look for some basics. For example, where you want to install the unit or which wattage you are using
The process is simple as you only need a mains cold water supply along with a 15mm diameter water pipe.

1- Drilling

First of all, make small holes in your wall by drilling it. These holes will use to mount your shower unit and the showerhead as well.

2- Pipping

Now it’s time to insert the water pipe into the unit along with electric cables. And tighten up the screws to set the pipes and wires in.

3- Wiring

Once the pipe is fitted in, now you can insert the wires for the power connection of the unit. Now insert the live wire into a live terminal and neutral into a neutral one. And insert the earth wire to the earth terminal as well.

4- Screw it up

After all wire and pipe fittings, now close the unit with its cover and tighten the screw-up.

5- Fit Rail and Shower Head

Now its turn for riser rail and shower head to fit in. Set your riser rail high to get decent water flow.

6- Final Check

Once you have fitted everything, before fitting the final screws please make sure that your overall shower is working fine. If anything is not performing well so you can fix it and then screw the all things up.

What is an Electric Shower?

If you are living in the UK then you must be acknowledged with the term electric shower. So basically it’s an electric device or unit that is designed to heating the water. And we have mentioned below that how does this unit work.

Heating Element

The very first thing that is a mandatory component of any electric shower is a heating filament or element. Basically, an element is a twisted wire or coil that becomes hot when we pass the electricity from it due to resistance.
The same heating element is used in hair dryers, electric kettles and toasters to produce the heat.

Moreover, the heating coil is usually made up of Nichrome which is a combination of Nickel and Chromium. However, some coils are made up of Kanthal (FeCrAI).

Water Flow

The second thing is water flow through the heating element. So when water streams through the heating coil it becomes hot. And then it goes to a hose or pipe and then into the showerhead.

So that’s how we get hot water from the showerhead. And yes, of course, the more the element is big the higher the hot water flow rate.

Temperature and Flow Control Dials

Because the electric shower is continuously heating the water so it becomes excessively hot that may burn your skin. And to prevent this, there is water pressure and temperature control dial on the unit.
So, fine-tune the dials to get lukewarm or hot water as you desire.


Can I fit an electric shower myself?

If you are planning to fit a brand new shower in your bathroom then we strongly recommend you hire an electrician for this work. Do not try to fit a shower by yourself as it is very risky.

Do I need a plumber or electrician to fit an electric shower?

Obviously, you need someone who is an expert in this field so he can do this work with zero errors. Don’t try to be an expert if you are not familiar with electricity and its instalments.

How much does it cost to fit an electric shower?

It depends on your shower unit and space too. In the UK, fitting a shower can be more costly than buying it. But if you are installing a new electric shower then you might charge between 100 to 300 pounds.

How long does it take to fit an electric shower?

Normally, the whole process takes an hour or above. But it directly depends on your bathroom space and unit a well.

Final Verdict

So you see the process of fitting a new electric shower is a bit hard for someone who doesn’t know about electrics and plumbing. Therefore, we always recommend our users and customers to hire a person who is expert in this field.

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